Delikates Zhitnitsa – number 1 brand of Bulgaria for two years in a roll

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For a second consecutive year Delikates Zhitnitsa is a brand number 1 of Bulgaria in the “Meat
Products” category!
To be rated in a similar way is a serious proof for our attitude and hard work we put in to give
our customers quality of the highest standards.
Zhitnitsa thanks everyone who voted for us!


Delikates Zhitnitsa got rewarded ‘Advertiser of the Year’ at FARA 2021

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The awards are a matter of honor for us. This year they brought us the tittle ‘Advertiser of the Year’.


We are very proud to share all the awards we got at the largest Bulgarian festival of creativity – FARA 2021.


Gold in ‘Campaign – Goods’ for ‘Bean Twin with Sausage’

Silver in ‘Brand Activation – Live” for ‘Bean Sausage Fair’


Silver in ‘Media Campaign – Goods’ for ‘It’s a Matter of Honor’

Bronze in ‘Campaign – Goods’  for  ‘It’s a Matter of Honor”

Bronze in ‘Film Craft’ for  ‘Bean Twin with Sausage’ videos


Many thanks to our agency for the great ads. And thanks to the whole village of  Zhitnitsa for the support.


And, last but not least, thank you, all Bulgarians, for our delicious products being part of your table!


Bronze Effie Award for the twinning of the villages of Zhitnitsa and Smilyan

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We are happy to share that this year “Delicates Zhitnitsa” was awarded the prestigious bronze Effie Award for the campaign of twinning the village of Zhitnitsa and Smilyan.


The Effie Awards are a widely recognized standard for measuring success among advertisers around the world and a true recognition of hard and productive work.


You can see more about the campaign here:, and additional information about the Effie awards here:


We truly thank all the people from the villages of Zhitnitsa and Smilyan, as well as all those who love sausage, beans and the taste of original traditions.

Delicates Zhitnitsa – Bulgaria’s favourite brand

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In 2020, “Delicates Zhitnitsa” was awarded the prestigious third place in the ranking of Bulgaria’s favorite brands in the category “Meat Products”. We, the people of Zhitnitsa, thank everyone who voted for us. Because of you we work with diligence and heedfulness and produce your favorite sausages and meat delicacies.


The beans and sausage fair at Zhitnitsa village

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On September 7, 2019, the first of its kind beans and sausage fair was held in the village of Zhitnitsa. This was a long-awaited holiday, which duly marked the twinning of the villages of Zhitnitsa and Smilyan, famous for the production of beans and sausages. The fair was packed with emotions, and the evening ended properly with folk music and traditional dances, which included both hosts and guests. You can see more about the twinning and the fair here.

The twinning of Zhitnitsa and Smilyan villages

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In July 2019, the villages of Zhitnitsa and Smilyan officially twinned to put beans and sausage in a single dish. The twinning happened after the people of Zhitnitsa presented to the people of Smilyan in May 2019 their idea of the revival of the traditional recipe for bean stew with sausages. We shot a special video for them, inviting them to unite. You can see more about the twinning and the fair here.