Delikates Zhitnitsa stands for quality, tradition and the spirit of Zhitnitsa – a picturesque village in Southern Bulgaria, which holds memories from ancient times. But “Delikates Zhitnitsa” is not just a trademark. It is a lovemark. It’s for the people who insist on authentic recipes and believe that traditions should be preserved.


We believe that the good taste of our products comes as a result of abiding by three important principles: quality, efficiency and safety. For us these are not just words.


The quality of our products is a result of carefully selected recipes, high-quality meat and the range of spices we use.


The efficiency of our production is guaranteed by our choice of equipment – the machines we use to process the meat are made by leading companies in the field.


We introduced a food safety system, compliant with the international standard ISO 22000:2005. In other words – everything we do complies with the highest standards for quality and security.


Our idea of success is to make sure that anytime you want “something delicious at your table”, our products are your first choice.


But the most important thing for our work is what you think of it.


Our history

1993 “Delikates 2” Ltd. is founded by Ivan Antonov and Velitchko Yakov.

1994 We started the construction of our enterprise in the village of Zhitnitsa, Plovdiv region.

1995 The beginning of our production – we started with only a few products and a daily capacity of 500-600 kilos.

2001 We expanded our sausage department.

2006 We reorganized the slaughterhouse into a cutting plant and expanded it.

2008 We can now export to all countries in the EU.

2009 We opened our second department, where we can produce over 44 tons of sausages per day.

2010 We expanded the drying room for the raw-dried delicacies and looked for the most suitable name for the products that you have known and loved for the last 20 years. That’s how our new brand – “Delikates Zhitnitsa” was born.

2011 We reconstructed a part of the cooling rooms into a packaging room for our new flowpack. We also expanded the cutting plant.

2012 We bought a second packaging machine.

2013 Our first national TV campaign aired in June.

2014 We began the construction of our third department, which would specialize in the newest technological packaging methods.

2015 We celebrated our 20-year anniversary in style on October 13, with all our partners through the years, and we officially opened our third factory.

2016 We fully renovated our company store in Zhitnitsa so it could comply with the requirements for a modern Bulgarian store.

2018 We proudly put a new slogan and a common message next to our logo, which should be known and remembered by all “Sausages of the village of Zhitnitsa”.

2019 We held the first bean and sausage fair  of its kind in village of Zhitnitsa. This was a long awaited holiday, which marked the twinning of the village of Zhitnitsa with the village of Smilyan.

2020 We have received an international IFS Certificate. It provides a precise and clear response to consumer expectations fot the high level of security and safety of our products.

2020 We celebrate 25 years since sausages of the village of Zhitnitsa were produced in the picturesque village of Plovdiv, and not by anyone, but by the gratest connoisseurs – the people ot the village.